18 Expressing Tips… JUST FOR YOU

You probably already know that the worst thing about being an Expressing Mumma is the time it takes!!! There are not enough hours in the day as it is to look after a baby let alone yourself, so to lose a few hours expressing and making milk on top of that load, can feel insane!!!!!So good on you! You're doing a great job!   You now know what it would be like to feed twins! (Just without double the nappies). And if you are a mother of multiple babies and you express, you seriously deserve an award!!! I'm now going to share with you some things … Continue reading 18 Expressing Tips… JUST FOR YOU

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are my responses to questions I am frequently asked. These are my personal responses and what I have found to work well for me and my gorgeous daughter. Remember I am a mother not a healthcare professional in this field so you are encouraged to use your discretion and seek clarification from your healthcare … Continue reading Frequently Asked Questions

Focusing on the POSITIVES of Expressing…. (Yes there are positives!)

    You can't breastfeed. So what?!!! Everyone has a different feeding journey with their baby and one thing I want to be clear about is whatever yours may be- expressing, formula, breastfeeding or a combination, we as women need to stand together, unite and encourage each other. Motherhood is tough enough and we must support each other. … Continue reading Focusing on the POSITIVES of Expressing…. (Yes there are positives!)

About The Blog…

Welcome to Expressing Mumma the BLOG!  This blog will talk more about my personal journey as an expressing mother, and it will also be used as a platform for other thoughts I am pondering in my parenting, work and life journey. The word 'expressing' is used in this blog as a homograph. It has two meanings. The first being that … Continue reading About The Blog…