HELP!!! I think my milk supply is low…

HELP! I think my milk supply is low!!!

It happens to all of us and unfortunately stress plays a big part. You feel stressed that you aren’t making enough milk, but you need not to be stressed to make milk!!!?? It’s a catch 22 situation! So as much as it is really hard to do, try your best to relax. Here are some tips that I have personally found useful to help aid my milk supply


1.Be Frequent and Consistent: When I have had lulls, I found that the more I express, for example every 3 hours instead of every four hours, my body seems to take note and it certainly helps to build my supply.

2.Make more in the morning: If you are like me and your body makes more in the morning- perhaps after a few hours of zzz. Capitalise on this. I spend an extra ten minutes in the morning making milk to give myself an extra supply of milk to get through the day.

3.Relax:  As I said before, this can be hard when you are stressing about making enough milk for you baby, or your baby is screaming for a feed. So take a big breath, you can do it. You become very good at multi-tasking when you are an expressing Mum.

4.Ask for help from a friend of family member: Ask them to look after bubs while you go into another room, sit down, put your feet-up and relax. I find when you are expressing and your mind is busy elsewhere- for me it was making this site, the milk flow became much easier.

Mutter und Kind
5.Chat and talk to your baby while you express: Thinking about baby helps. Play with their feet, tell bub what you are doing. Funnily enough the vibration of the pump next to them can be quite soothing to them. So place them on a mat on the floor and sing to them, read a story and spend time together while you express.

6.Drink lots of Water: I personally have found this very helpful. I always make sure I have a water bottle near buy when I express and also that the fridge is well stocked with cold, refreshing water.

7.Lactation Cookies: for a favourite recipe of mine- read ‘Lactation Cookies’ in my BLOG.

8.Meditate: Think about your boobs filling with milk, your boobs becoming heavy and full and your nipples are ready to produce milk!

9.Chicken Broth: I have not personally tried this one, so it could be an old wife’s tale, but I do have breastfeeding friends who swear by this one.

10.Seek Medical Advice- This is really important if you are still having trouble! Speak to a health care professional, doctor, midwife, ABA- etc. Remember it is perfectly okay to ask for help.

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