ALL ABOARD… Expressing Stations

To assist with expressing I believe if you set up a couple of ‘expressing stations’ it will make it much easier for you.

I have 6 stations positioned around my home to make it easier for me.

Central Station: Just like a train station you will need a central station and this is the control centre. It is the station where you will most likely begin and end your journey. At this station, I suggest you use a bench in the kitchen, near both a power point and running water. At this station you must have your sterilizer, a plastic tub which contains all bottles, teats, pumps, and extensions. It is handy to have a cloth, paper towel and small jug of water at this station for putting in the sterilizer. You will begin most expressing sessions here, collecting equipment, and then end the session here, returning the equipment after being washed ready for sterilization in your steriliser. You may wish to keep this equipment on a tray so it is portable to move around and easy to move off the bench if required.g-express-2

Soak station: Near central station is the soak station. Once I have used any expressing equipment- pump parts, bottles, teats. I like to wash them out and then let them soak in the sink.


Expressing Station: This next station is the place where you express your milk. I recommend a place that is comfortable as you will be at this station a lot! It is good to have things around you at this station to keep you occupied while you express as this can make the time feel like it is passing much more quickly, maybe the computer, television, a pile of magazines or writing paper. It is good to keep the smaller stuff from this station stored neatly in a basket. At this station, I also recommend having the pump battery, a couple of white cloths, tissues, bottle of water, breast pads and hand sterilizer.


Supply Station: This station is optional but very useful. This is the Supply station where you keep a large stock of white cloth nappies and face washers, both handy for expressing and feeding baby. A good place is near the laundry.


Refrigeration Station: This station is in your fridge. It is important to keep your fridge well stacked with water to keep you hydrated, fresh fruit and snacks. Cheese and dips are an occasional expressing treat of mine.


Travel station: Having most of the equipment from your expressing station (pump battery, hand sanitizer, white cloth, nappy) and not forgetting to include a few items from Central station (teats, bottles and pump parts). This is the stuff you will need if you are planning on heading out and will need to express while out. I also keep a microwavable sterilizer (you can pick up a cheap one from K-Mart) in this bag too. If I am heading out for only a short amount of time I will just take pre-expressed milk, bottles and teats. Plastic zip lock bags are very handy to put bottle parts in and keep them clean. I also bring a spare zip lock bag to put finished equipment in to save leaks in your nappy or hand bag. Hand sanitizer and white cloth nappies are very handy in travel packs. I always keep a few bottles of hand sanitizer around my house, in my nappy bag and hand bag as well as in the pram and in my car.


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